Tuesday 21st May 2019

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We are better without bullying

19th November 2012 ... Charlotte

So today marks the start of anti bullying week 2012. Bullying happens in many walks of life from the workplace to youth groups. However for the purpose of this blog I am going to focus on bullying in the school environment.

When reading the stories for the AcSEED website it struck me how many young people had experienced bullying. For some their mental illness was a result of bullying, for others bullying was a consequence of their illness, either way it cannot be denied that bullying and mental health are correlated.

While many schools have anti-bullying policies more can still be done to stamp out bullying. We need to teach our young people that bullying will not be tolerated. I believe there is also work to be done in educating young people on what classifies as bullying. I believe a lot of bully's are unable to step back and recognise their behaviour as bullying.

As this year's slogan sights, we are better without bullying!