Thursday 28th October 2021

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What's New

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14th December 2020

AcSEED Newsletter for December 2020

NEWS: On-line Wellbeing Support

11th December 2020

Kooth: An on-line Mental Health Support Platform

NEWS: Mental Health in Schools Conference

11th November 2020

Report from the Westminster Insight conference on Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools

NEWS: Fairfield Road Accreditation

20th October 2020

Fairfield Road Primary School receive AcSEED Award

NEWS: Newport Girls' get AcSEED Award

31st August 2020

Congratulations to Newport Girls' High School in Shropshire ...

NEWS: First AcSEED Wellbeing Centre

25th June 2019

Trinity School and College opens the first AcSEED Wellbeing Centre

Meet The Team



I founded AcSEED after discovering that my school had litte formal support for students suffering emotional difficulties. Recognising that children often find it difficult to discuss problems with their parents or GP's, I was convinced that dependable support in schools would increase the likelihood of young people asking for help sooner and potentially preventing mental health problems from escalating.

I do volunteering for numerous mental health charities, and am studying to be a mental health practitioner. I have visited schools and run student workshops on mental wellbeing, and have also made presentations on these topics to groups of teachers.

In my spare time I am passionate about the arts and my ambition is to take a theatre performance to the Edinburgh fringe.


(AcSEED Assessor)

I started suffering with a mental health condition at the age of 14. At the time I didn't know that I had depression, I just knew that I felt scared, alone and like I couldn't cope. I was being bullied at school and began self harming. By the time I was in my last year of school things had deteriorated so much that I was admitted to an inpatient unit in Bristol.

I am now 24 and although the past eight years have had their fair share of up's and down's I've learnt to cope with the feelings of despair which often plague me. Through a combination of medication and talking therapies I've re-learnt skills to help me cope with negative emotions instead of using harmful behaviours as I once would have done. 2012 was the best year for me, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I am just starting to realise that I could use my painful experiences to help other people and am becoming more involved in volunteering for mental health organisations.

In my spare time I have the same hobbies as most people my age - shopping, seeing new places, swimming and spending time with my friends and family. To look at me you wouldn't know that I'd made multiple attempts on my own life. My message for anyone else who is suffering with ill mental health is to ask for help sooner rather than later and not to be ashamed. You wouldn't be embarrassed to ask for help if you had a broken arm, why should this be any different?


(AcSEED Assessor)

I spent most of my teenage years struggling with mental health problems, and this struggle was made worse by really bad experiences at school. Ever since I left school, I have wanted to help young people have a more positive view of their mental health, and help schools become supportive environments that meet the emotional needs of young people.

As well as finishing my degree, I volunteer for a number of mental health charities, trying to ensure that young people have a better experience of mental health services than I did.

In my spare time I like to stay active, playing sports and going to the gym. I have always had a passion for books, and can often be found staying up until ridiculous hours reading.


(Programme and Technology Support)

It is very clear to me that schools can play a significant role in providing wellbeing education and support through a critical and stressful period of young people's lives.

I am therefore very pleased to be able to support the work of The AcSEED Initiative by using my experience as a school governor, in managing complex programmes, and utilising advanced technologies.