Tuesday 24th November 2020

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**** Vacancy Expired ****

AcSEED Accreditation Assessor

Posted on 11th March 2018

Volunteer role AcSEED Accreditation Assessor
Job ID AV302
Type Unpaid voluntary role
Hours This role requires a minimum of 8 hours per week (flexible working)
Location Home working

About AcSEED

AcSEED believes that young people's emotional development is equally important as their academic progression, and recognises the importance of children developing into well-rounded and resilient individuals. The AcSEED Initiative (AcSEED) was founded by young people with lived experience of emotional wellbeing challenges at school, and is exclusively focussed on improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health support provided to young people in all UK schools and colleges.

With schools in more than 30 UK counties working towards AcSEED accreditation for emotional wellbeing and mental health support, we are seeking enthusiastic individuals with a passion for improving young people's mental health and wellbeing to help drive the next phase of AcSEED's growth.

Purpose of the Role

One of the founding principles of AcSEED is to provide recognition for schools and colleges that provide excellent emotional wellbeing and mental health support to their students. This is achieved by awarding AcSEED accreditation to schools that can demonstrate compliance with the AcSEED wellbeing criteria. This role is to contribute to the reviewing of school self-assessment forms and evidence in order to assess their suitability for accreditation.

This role reports to the AcSEED Director of Operations. Appropriate in-house training will be provided.

Key Responsibilities

  • Review school and college self-assessment forms against the requirements of the AcSEED wellbeing criteria.
  • Request clarifications where more information is required to assess an application.
  • Identify gaps between the documented wellbeing provisions and AcSEED criteria.
  • Identify items of evidence to be requested for the second phase of review (AcSEED uses a sample-based approach to reviewing evidence).
  • Review submitted evidence.
  • Highlight good practice.
  • Contribute to continuous improvement of the AcSEED accreditation scheme and accreditation process.
  • Opportunity to progress to the role of lead assessor which includes additional co-ordination responsibilities.

Required Qualities, Experience, and skills

  • Awareness of, and passion for, improving emotional wellbeing and mental health support in schools and colleges.
  • Ability to analyse and assess information in a structured way.
  • Ability to access and use MS Word and email from your intended work location.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently, and to work cooperatively within a team environment.

Desirable Qualities, Experience, and Skills

  • Experience in young people's mental health and wellbeing.
  • Experience of working in a school or college environment.
  • Experience of working or volunteering with a charitable organisation.

Length of Appointment

Volunteers are subject to a probationary period of 3 months. The role is ongoing and will be reviewed annually.

How to Apply

Please apply by sending an email to contact@acseed.org. Your application should include:

  • The role ID and role title you are applying for.
  • A description of your relevant knowledge and experience (an attached CV would be ideal) and how this helps you to satisfy the requirements of the role.
  • Any additional skills and value you can bring to the organisation.

Please also include the names and contact details (preferably email) of 2 referees, at least one of whom is aware of your relevant experience.

You may apply for multiple volunteer roles if you have sufficient time available. In this case please state all role IDs that you want to be considered for in your application.